Wow - I don’t think I can explain how it feels to be holding this book after all this time! I’ve worked so hard creating HAIRSTYLES, and being the perfectionist I (probably) am, I was actually afraid to open the book when I got my first copy - crazy right?!


My idea with HARSTYLES was to give you a tool to help you create hairstyles on yourself - from scratch! First of all it’s important to start with the one thing that I’ve always thought was missing - the mirror setup. The way you’re going to work with your hair is crucial, if you’re going to succeed! Soo, I’ve made a unique guide that’ll help you find the perfect mirror-setup that fits your room and you’ll be able to start creating your own beautiful styles in no time! 

By the way - all the pictures from the guides are from my own home. I’ve used these mirrors for all my styles on Instagram!


Well, I’m not a hairdresser but giving you my best tips and tricks wasn’t hard, because when I started my Instagram I’d almost just learned to braid. This means I can save you from A LOT of frustration that you’d probably experience while learning DIY styles.


The book includes 30 step by step guides that’ll take you from the very basic techniques to the difficult - all incorporated in different styles, making your average 3-strand braid look something special! Almost all the styles will work for shorter hair as well and the book includes a lot of pictures of the styles in shoulder length hair.


HAIRSTYLES isn’t just another step by step book - I’ve put my heart and soul into creating a beautiful book with a Scandinavian look, which means that whenever you’re not using the book it’ll look gorgeous on your coffee table - in fact, if you’re not going to learn how to braid at all, you should still buy it because off the pretty pictures.. haha.

You can buy my book here: Https://

Oh, do I have to tell you, that there was no point of being afraid of opening the book! I hope you’ll see for yourself.

A big THANKS for all your love and support - without you guys this book would not be a reality!

XO Nina


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