I hope that wherever my bobby pins go.. they’re happy.....

I don’t think I’m ever gonna figure out where they go. Over the course of my life I must have purchased at least a thousand!

For some time I suspected my husband of throwing them out every time he found them anywhere else than in the bathroom. I’ve tried to make him confess, but he just won’t admit that he has anything to do with “the case of the missing bobby pins”.

So I figured out a way you can keep your remaining bobby pins - and no, I’m not talking about a camera or a gps surveillance.. A magnetic paperclip holder is actually perfect, because your bobby pins are made out of metal, just like the paperclips - that way you’ll be sure that they won’t slip away.

The sparrow nest paperclip holder is so cute and I’ve LOVED it for my paperclips - that’s why I may just have to purchase an extra for my Bobby Pins. It’s designed by Qualy and you can find it on Amazon.

If you don’t want to spend money on a designer paperclip holder, you can also use a “normal”, which is also magnetic and can be opened I the bottom. It can contain A LOT of bobby pins and to give a personal and pretty touch I’ve wrapped it with some fabric - you could also use paper or gift wrap.

If you have any tips to how you can store your Bobby Pins, I’d love to know!

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